Malpractice Caused A Death Of Baby

By on Mar 1, 2016 in Baby's Death, Kidney disease, Malpractice |

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There was an article in the newspaper about pregnancy malpractice. Doctors thought that patent had a problem with kidneys. Due to malpractice, doctor who treated the patient will remain without a medical license for six months due to a failure in the treatment of pregnant women who lost a baby and almost died. The decision was made by the Supreme Court of the Medical Association of USA.

Doctors mistakenly diagnosed a kidney stone even the woman didn’t show any symptom of this kind of problem. They also doubted that it was urinary infection about and kidney pain, and gave her painkillers.

All the time the patient was suffering unbearable pain. Just before midnight, after six hours of harassment doctors from another shift came and discovered an inside bleeding that had caused the pain and saved her and her baby from death.

After this case, even media started discussing about whether this punishment was strict enough. On one hand, woman could lose her life but on the other hand we talk about a doctor that have saved other people lives thousands of time before this unpleasant event. If you put it in that way the punishment is too severe.

On the other hand woman really could die and she doesn’t care about how many lives have been saved before her own was endangered. Like everyone else would be, a woman was really scared and frustrated because of the fact that she has almost disappeared of the Planet. If you don’t want to end up like she did, you should prepare yourself before accident occurs.

However if you are a doctor, you should protect your rights too. His response is here for you to read. He will help you to prove your innocence or at least help you to make a settlement and avoid going on the court or losing your license. With their experience, you can’t lose the case. They will protect your rights in the best possible way. Having a good attorney is safer than hiring the gorillas.